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Quiet and introspective, they have what it takes to become emotionally self-sufficient.

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When challenges come their way, they bear up stoically. The men and women born on February 18 are selective about the people they bring into their circle.

While they are open-minded, they are more critical than other members of their sign. They are looking for a soul mate and likely remain unattached until they find him or her. Whatever their beginnings, February 18 natives always seem to stand alone. As children they may have been forced to accept adult responsibilities, and this is likely to have affected their lives.

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They are strict disciplinarians as parents, but they are also loving and supportive. February 18 people are extremists. Fasting is often a part of their health regimen. A diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables, augmented by grains, nuts, and legumes, offers them everything they need.

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This regimen provides weight loss without unhealthy consequences. People born on February 18 do not make career decisions rashly.

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Here are the world's tendencies for the 7 days beginning today, Friday, December 28, through Thursday, January 3, Peace and harmony, or lack thereof, is likely to be noticed more today. Home and family are likely to have more attention.

Similar with nurturing, health, and healing. Idealistic gestures tend to be more adamant.

February 18 Birthday Astrology

Today seems to be a day of introspection. Concentration for studying may be easier.

Mars enters Aries

Intuition seems to be stronger and more certain, as well as a sense of one's spirituality. Wisdom tends to be seen as a respectable pursuit.

Today's number represents energy that supports a rise in efficiency and realistic outlook.

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Management of huge tasks composed of many personnel tends to be easier. Material accumulation can seem more straightforward.

It's a day for large public works and big business to make agreements. More focus seems to be on the human condition, the state of humanity.

Opportunities to help by personal effort or by philanthropic gestures are likely to be noticed. Tolerance and compassion seem more prevalent and are taken more seriously during the process of making decisions with potential long-term impact.

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Unexpected things tend to happen today — a day when changes tend to be more acceptable and tolerated. Expression of a personal sense of freedom seems more imperative. Adventure is in the air.

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